Domestic Relations

Our attorneys handle divorce and parentage cases including divorce, separation, dissolution as well as structuring property settlements and maintenance or support agreements. We also draft and negotiate premarital agreements and can work with our estate planning attorneys to draft agreements delineating the rights of couples in the event of divorce or death.

Our attorneys understand that divorce actions or matters involving a prior divorce, and custody disputes have a lasting effect on the whole family. Our attorneys bring patience, diplomacy and determination to resolving difficult problems.

The attorneys at Crabbe, Brown & James regularly appear before the domestic relations, juvenile and probate courts in Franklin County and surrounding Ohio counties.

Our attorneys are fully prepared to litigate all domestic relations matters but, at the same time, recognize that our clients' needs and interests are often better served by a fair settlement rather than litigation. Accordingly, we counsel our clients based on our experience, knowledge of the law and our clients' goals and objectives.

The attorneys at our firm include those emphasizing in family law who have years of practical experience with an excellent reputation. Our lead domestic attorney actively trains other attorneys in effective negotiating and trial tactics. Our domestic attorneys are members of the Franklin County Trial Lawyers Association, Women Lawyers of Franklin County and the Family Law Committee of the Columbus Bar Association.

The attorneys at Crabbe, Brown & James work closely with our clients to find creative and innovative solutions to the multiple and complex issues that often exist in family law matters.

Practice Areas: Dissolution, Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, Shared Parenting, Prenuptial Agreements, Paternity, Child Support Establishment and Modification, Civil Protection Actions, Post Decree Matters, Property Division, and Spousal Support.