Municipal & Governmental

Crabbe, Brown & James represents a multitude of clients in a governmental and public policy consultant role, not only before the Ohio General Assembly, and each of the state's Executive Offices, but also before major administrative departments, boards, commissions and state agencies as well as counties and municipalities.
Our firm has also provided its experience and expertise to many public officials and candidates for public office, as well as private interest groups in campaign efforts. Because of our experience, we have developed a growing network of friends and resources throughout Ohio that assist our clients in statewide and local governmental and public pursuits.

Crabbe, Brown & James also provides valuable services to municipal and local governments in project development, zoning, infrastructure projects, urban renewal, low-income housing, tax-exempt financing, and public works projects. We assist our clients in financing and building fire and police stations, community centers, water and sewer systems, roads and bridges.

From its inception over eighty years ago, Crabbe, Brown & James has effectively utilized its significant contacts and uniquely qualified personnel not only in monitoring governmental/legislative activities, but in accessing and fostering the governmental decision making process. Over the years, our firm has been fortunate in having had many of its lawyers serve in political and governmental capacities which has enabled those attorneys to gain knowledge and foster relationships which have proven invaluable in serving our clients' needs. Our firm is well suited to lobby the U.S. Congress and other federal agencies, as we maintain a close association with several major legal and lobbying firms and elected officials in Washington, D.C. as well as other states.