The Center for Healthy Families, a non-profit devoted to engaging parenting teens and their children to help them establish better lives, recently celebrated their ten year anniversary of positive impacts in the Columbus community.

The celebration, attended by over two-hundred supporters, donors and friends, recognized the unique and powerful support, leadership and commitment of Larry and Donna James, as well as Crabbe, Brown and James LLP to the Center over the last decade.

The teens who participate in the Center’s programs achieve graduation rates of 74%, compared to the national rate of 40%. Further, nine of ten teens in their program delayed subsequent pregnancies. The program has helped parents establish support for 94 healthy babies.

“It is an honor to be recognized by The Center for Healthy Families at their anniversary celebration. The Center’s work has impacted so many lives, providing support at such a critical time for our young people, while opening their eyes to what’s possible despite the challenge of having a child at such a young age.”

Larry James, Managing Partner

Larry and Donna, along with the entire team at Crabbe, Brown and James LLP, are excited to continue seeing the Center’s program expand and remain committed to helping them continue to change lives and inspire our community.