Crabbe, Brown & James’ Managing Partner Larry H. James has served as General Counsel to the National Fraternal Order of Police since 2001. The National FOP is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers with more than 350,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges across the United States. In recent months, there is a renewed dialogue surrounding police policies, practices, and procedure. Mr. James has worked to build bridges and facilitate open discussion between law enforcement and the communities that they serve.

Check out his latest work at the links below.  

Police Unions, Practically Speaking – Federalist Society Labor and Employment Practice Group, Teleforum Presentation (July 21, 2020)


Zoom Meeting with the Atlanta Community (July 2020) (Password: 6H$97eV=)


Tim May Podcast (June 9, 2020)


Mr. James also participated in conversations with community leaders here in Columbus including the Franklin County Commissioner’s Meeting and the Columbus Urban League. He was recently  featured in the Columbus Dispatch and Bloomberg Law.

His next engagement is set for August 19, 2020 with the Columbus Metropolitan Club. In this discussion designated: Racism: Where Do We Go From Here? Policing In the Community: Does the Past Dictate the Future? Mr. James will partner with Colleen Marshall (Co-Anchor NBC4) and Mike Curtin (Retired Journalist) to discuss the history of policing in Columbus and how it can inform the future of policing. Register here.