Overview of the Legal Counselors Seminar

Crabbe, Brown & James recently hosted the National Fraternal Order of Police 2022 Legal Counselor Seminar. The seminar took place on February 24 and 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Associates Christopher R. Green and Marissa R. Borschke presented on both days. Nearly 100 participants registered for the two-day event, including attorneys that represent police officers and union representatives across the country.

This year, the Seminar focused on critical areas that impact law enforcement and the public at-large. Topics of discussion included legislative initiatives and legal representation of officers. Presenters also shared information on the internal affairs review process, the reliability of video footage of officers involved in critical incidents, police reform legislation in Illinois, and an overview of arbitration. Additionally, Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, presented on police professionalism and accountability.

Topics Covered by Crabbe, Brown & James Attorneys 

On February 24, Mr. Green and Ms. Borschke presented on COVID-19 related issues. They covered the litigation history of constitutional challenges to vaccine mandates. They also focused on the interplay of these mandates with collective bargaining agreements by looking at arbitration awards. Finally, they touched on how vaccine mandates implicate other areas of the law, including workers’ compensation and the costs or insurance coverage of testing requirements.

On February 25, Mr. Green and Ms. Borschke presented Updates on Qualified Immunity, Post-Janus, and Civilian Review Boards. Discussion focused on the effect of state laws limiting and/or eliminating qualified immunity by providing examples on what has been enacted in different states. Next, they provided a review of post-Janus initiatives impacting public-sector unions. Lastly, Mr. Green and Ms. Borschke provided an update on civilian review boards and how they are being implemented in cities. This topic built on last year’s Legal Counselors Seminar presentation where Crabbe, Brown & James introduced the topic of civilian review boards and their recommended model for implementing such boards.

The Legal Counselors Seminar concluded with a wrap-up by Managing Partner Larry H. James. Mr. James has served as General Counsel to the National Fraternal Order of Police since 2001, and Mr. Green and Ms. Borschke serve as Associate General Counsel to the National FOP. The National FOP is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers with more than 356,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges across the United States.